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Website Creation Services and Their Advantages

The most important thing for companies while making their online presence permanent is probably creating a website. Websites, where company information, communication channels, products and services are displayed together, reflect the digital identity of the brand, while at the same time, they are one of the most effective platforms where it can communicate with its customers. With websites that have both promotion and sales channels, brands can show their advantages more efficiently. So, how is a website created? Is a pre-prepared website more efficient than one with custom software? How much does the site set up cost? For the answers to these questions, you can read our article or contact us.

How to Create a Website? 

Even if creating a website seems like a task that anyone can do, working with a professional and experienced team is always more beneficial. When you want to increase the features on the website or want to make optimization, mobile compatibility; installation and updating should be left to experts. The domain name you will buy for your website is a special domain that matches your company, making you look more professional. While setting up the website; your sector, the range of products and services, and your brand identity are important. In order to create the best design and content for you, getting professional help will make your website more professional and safe. Also, you will stand out more in search engines thanks to original content. 

The web page coding process is done with a custom software service completely in accordance with the brand. In this service, the website set up defines adding the features you want. At the same time, establishing a website that is also suitable for mobile view is an essential arrangement in order to keep web users using their phones on the site.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Even if creating a website appears to be free, you will need to pay for a domain name and hosting services. Because of this, adding features and design are really limited for free. If you want to make a productive website for yourself, you have to spend many hours on it. For example, the domain for the website has to be chosen carefully for a company or person. Website design, content, and safety are also challenging. With our Web Software Service, we first choose a domain that suits your sector and you. Depending on the package you choose, we set up the website with the aim of high performance. If you like, we can also integrate an online payment system in addition to our packets. We ensure that you have an effective and useful website by pricing according to the features you want to receive within the service provided.

Creating Websites and Other Software Services

As the Zumu Studio, we provide all software services concerning your company’s or your needs. Aside from this, we also install the modules of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program for you. We customize services like management of stock, sales and distribution, production, planning, quality and control management. Thanks to our website development, we customize the Customer Relations Management (CRM) program and make it more effective. With our mobile app service, we create the mobile application you need, and at the same time, we strengthen your relationship with customers and allow you to reach new ones. As an alternative to online marketplaces, we provide e-commerce software for brands who want to create a sales channel. 

In the website software packages that we offer, we have various features like language and currency support, basic SEO, shipping/invoice integration, customized theme, and technical support. If you want to gain more information about service items specialized for your company, contact us.